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Welcome to the Official Website of author and artist Warren Karno.

Welcome to the Adventurous World of Warren Karno

For those new to my writing and artwork, perhaps a little personal background might give a clue as to the basis of content. Hopefully leading to many hours of enjoyable reading.

Briefest background

I left home at age 14. Not altogether my idea, but character building none the less. I spent time at sea learning those things your Mother wouldn't tell you about, jumped ship in Australia to get away from the bullying. I think it's call jumping out of the frying pan into the fire! I arrived back in Blighty (UK) just before my 16th birthday. At which juncture the Youth Employment Dept put me into Private Service. Now this was interesting, people spoke to me nicely for a change. I met Royalty and notables on a regular basis. However it was the Royal Protection Squad that always filled my head with their discipline and adventures. Later England decides it needed my help, conscription was all the rage still. Which found me deposited in full blue heavy serge uniform and kitbag, on a desert atoll in the mid Pacific. What they hadn't mentioned in their travel brochure was they intended detonating a Thermo Nuclear bomb on it. Not, to be frank a good idea in my humble opinion. I was there seemingly, to tell them what that felt like. Not on my own of course. They wouldn't trust just one person's view. Personally I would have preferred Paris.

After demob, I found myself back at sea for some more life training. The hidden cost of all this globe trotting is that it becomes difficult to stop and stay just in one place. Especially when seeing other people's point of view, and realising ones conditioning can limit our experience of reality. In complete contrast the next 40 years were spent in the Finance/Banking industry. Not though without several trips each year to foreign climes, some on business others simply cruising or exploring.

My lifelong interest has been personal development. Some may call it the Spiritual Life. This however does definitely not mean a religious life!

I officially retired some 12 years ago from a full time career. Since which time, I started writing, painting, became a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. I do some public speaking on cruise ships, retirement villages, Rotary and various service clubs, colleges and schools.

Most of my writing is non fiction, and that which I label as Fiction, is actually based on real events, with of course the names changed to protect the guilty! I don't need someone coming around to break my knees, thank you. So please enjoy, if you wish to be on my mail list, by all means register. If you need help putting your own bio together your questions are welcome.

Thank you for taking your time to visit my site.

Warren Karno